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Scouting America's Top Basketball Programs

Scouting America's Top Basketball Programs has become one of the best selling basketball publications in America and quite possibly the only offensive resource you will ever need! Now you can go beyond the book and join our website membership service today and take an inside look at the X's and O's strategy of some of the best collegiate basketball programs in the country.  One  payment of $47 for a LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP!

What set plays are Michigan State running this season? What is Kansas using in their zone offense attack? Your membership to Scouting America's Top Basketball Programs will provide you with these answers and so much more...for HALF THE PRICE OF ONE COACHING CLINIC!

U.P. to L.A. Enterprises Website Builders

We are web builders for Athletic Coaches and Business Professionals. We are a company that has been around for over 20 years and most recently have re-tooled and are ready for another productive 2019-20 business year. We have a small, but growing clientele list at the moment and we are looking to build at a rate that will not hinder the quality of our work or our customer service. We are excited about the growth, development and direction of our company. We hope you will consider joining our U.P. to L.A. Family of business-related websites.

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Jamie Angeli's Virtual Basketball Coach

Free basketball drills and plays for players and coaches of all levels. Improve shooting, dribbling, passing, defense, & coaching youth basketball. Purchase best-selling basketball coaching e-books,
instant on-demand online video and DVD's.  The website will be updated every few days with new basketball ideas to improve your game and the coaching profession.

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Storybook Champions

Imagine being the main character in one of the most inspiring, motivational and instructional sports stories of the year!

With over 75 pages in this digital educational book, "Storybook Champions" will inspire our young people to take action in their lives and help them to make better decisions with today's difficult challenges.

Loaded with motivational sports stories, this fantastic new book takes a personalized approach to developing character, attitude, values and awareness in our young people. Recommended for children ages 5 to 15. Each book also contains a special section on skill development for their selected favorite sport - delivered by their selected favorite athlete!

Sneak peak at the first two chapters of this personalized story!


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